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2 Bedroom |  1 Full Bath

Lovely, updated condo in Treover. Perfect location for all Columbia as to offer. Walking paths, shopping, commuter access, & downtown Columbia amenties. Updates include: bathroom, recessed lighting in living room & kitchen, dishwasher, fridge, laminate flooring, customized closets for optimal storage. Gas & Water included in condo fee!

Read what the Seller Says:

The thing I love most about Columbia is the well thought-out community. Everything is connected by bike paths so it’s easy to enjoy the outdoors. The parks are great and plentiful, our 3 year old son particularly loves the park at Lake Elkhorn. Everything is conveniently located.

Our neighborhood is great because it is friendly, quiet, and it’s located across the street from an elementary school and a large open field. It is 3 miles or less from I-95 & Route 29 which makes it easy to go north to Baltimore or south to Washington DC. Also all the shopping you could wish for is minutes away in Columbia Mall, Dobbin Center, or other neighboring shopping centers.

We love to eat at the following restaurants: Royal Taj, Chipotle, Cheesecake Factory, An Loi, and East Moon Asian Bistro to name a few.

Grocery stores are plentiful and conveniently located. Columbia boasts a Trader Joes, Wegman’s, and Whole Foods all less than four miles away. Additionally, Wal-Mart and Target are less than 2 miles away. When we bought the property we were drawn to the greenery, the parks, bike paths, the diversity, the design of the community and the great reputation Columbia has as one of the best places to live in the United States.

Columbia Maryland is a wonderful place to live and we haven’t changed our minds about the place since we moved here over a decade ago. Anything you could possibly need is close by from grocery stores to movie theaters. It’s continued to be an up-and-coming community that continues to reinvent itself. One of the greatest things about Columbia is the Columbia Association that offers gym memberships for all three gyms. A premium membership will provide access to all the community pools in the area as well. This is PERFECT in the summer when a dip in the pool makes everything better!

We love that there’s always something going on in Columbia, especially during the summer months. One of our favorites is the Lakefront Summer Festival that occurs from mid-June through September. Twice a week during that time, they show outdoor family movies, offer dance instruction and play live music. The best part about it is that it’s all FREE!!

We enjoy spending time outside like biking and picnicking at parks. The library system is great and has story-times and activities for children of all ages. The nearby restaurants are tasty and warrant repeat visits.

We pay for our own electricity through BGE (Baltimore Gas and Electric) but the gas and water are tied into the Home Owners Association fee. Compared to nearby condominiums associations, we actually end up paying less for our electricity