• 41 Delrey Avenue, Catonsville, MD
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4 Bedroom | 2 Full Bath  | 1 Half Bath

Classic Catonsville Charmer on TRIPLE lot! Gorgeous yard (the largest in the neighborhood) Highly ranked schools & a long list of updates make this a bargain at $300,000. Detached home with inviting wrap around porch, stunning kitchen, & a finished attic that can be utilized as master suite or additional finished space for flex use. Park in the brick driveway and walk to shopping & restaurants.

Read what the Seller Says:

We love that Catonsville is a historic town, with many of the buildings of the 18th century still standing. We love the mix of professionals that choose to live here. We are close to Ellicott City, Columbia, Towson, Ft. Meade, Baltimore; everything we would want or need is close by.  The schools are great too.   We love the town so much that we are staying in it, and have never considered leaving.

Our neighborhood is perfectly located in Catonsville. All of the festivals, events, and parades in Catonsville are a short walk. The neighborhood is extremely safe and quiet, and wonderful to take late night walks through in the summer. Our house is also on the edge of the Ingleside Neighborhood, and they have a newsletter and cookouts with all of the neighbors that we occasionally went to.

We love eating at historic Jennings’ Cafe, and Duesenberg’s. When we are feeling casual, we often go to (and even walk to) the Little Phoenix Chinese Restaurant or Chef Paolino’s Restaurant. The kids love Peace A Pizza (and the ice cream store attached to it) just a few blocks away. One secret that few people know about is the truly authentic mainland Chinese food at Hunan Taste, and the wonderful Korean food court next to it.

We have been grateful to have the 7-11 within walking distance. In our dozen years of living here, it has never closed – not even in the middle of the worst blizzards!  It was always stocked and open, as is the BP gas station just west of it. There are four banks and countless boutiques and music stores just down the street. And that’s all on foot. Within just a few miles, we have many grocery stores, shopping centers, a Lowes, and three Home Depots. By far the best 24/7 emergency veterinary clinic in the entire area is just a few blocks away.  Knowing we had the best available in an emergency with our dogs was hugely appreciated.

We also really love the public library here, and the plentiful old, original trees, going back to the earliest days of Baltimore, still standing.

Music lovers will love the many music stores on Frederick Ave. One of the most well regarded comic book stores in the area is on Mellor, a few blocks away. The streets are well set up for joggers, walkers, bicyclers, and we’ve even seen the occasional unicycle! For a history buff, the events of the so-called ‘Catonsville Nine’ from the Vietnam War era took place just a few blocks away, as is the old military school that John Wilkes Booth attended.

Here are some interesting things the previous owner told us about the property (and what we’ve been able to check out seems to agree):


  1. This home was built by her grandfather, and was allegedly the first home on the street, with all of the land of the neighborhood belonging to him. Apparently, one can see a picture of this at the Catonsville Historical Society, but we never checked that part out ourselves. He reserved three lots of land for his home, whereas almost every other home in the area is on a single lot.
  2. Until we bought the property, it had never been out of the three or four generations of their family.
  3. This was one of the first private residences to receive electricity in the area.
  4. We were told that in the early years of the house, many things were buried around the property. Coins, “interesting glassware”, and so on. The previous owner told us we’d find some real treats if we went around the yard with a metal detector.  We never did try it.