• 247 Medwick Garth East, Baltimore, MD 21228
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3 Bedroom |  1 Full Bath  |  1 Half Bath

Pristine condition! 3 Bedroom, 1.5 Bath Classic Catonsville rowhome. So many updates, including Roof (09), Kitchen, Bath, Windows, HVAC (16), refinished HW floors & more! Off street parking for 2 cars in the rear of the home, with access thru sunroom addition. Located close to all that Frederick Road offers – shopping/restaurants, great commuting location. Nothing to do but move in!!

Read what the Seller Says:

The things I love about being in Catonsville is the accessibility to downtown, the airport, DC, schools, and health care. There is also a real community feel to the area.

Our neighborhood is a nice mix of people. You have retirees, single people, single parents, families with young children, families with older children, and couples. People are friendly and helpful. I feel safe here.

I love to grab a bite to eat at Catonsville Gourmet, Hunan Joy (take out), Jennings and Matthews 1600, Italian Gardens, G &M Restaurant to name a few

There are plenty of grocery stores in the area to choose from, pharmacies, liquor stores, music stores, doctors’ offices, gas stations all in close proximity; as well as, the usual variety of fast food restaurants. Strip shopping centers close by to variety of shopping and malls also close by. Good library not 2 miles away!

When I bought the property, I was drawn to the look of the neighborhood, plenty of parking, houses nearby were well maintained, access to the beltway, downtown, airport and Route 70 to head West.

The Catonsville community gives you that small town feel but in a big city area with the benefits of the big city. You have the old houses with the big wrap around porches and nice streets that are close by that make you feel like you are not in a city.

In this area you have some top colleges (UMBC), community colleges, and the arts. If you are sports minded there is access to parks and other venues close by. Its a quick trip to the Inner Harbor with the Aquarium, Science Center, good shops and restaurants.

I enjoy swimming with the Masters Swim Club at UMBC, riding my bike around the area, meeting friends for events or eating out. Walking paths near the house too.

Utility costs are reasonable for this area and the weather. I have BGE for gas and electric. Water bill is less than $50 per month with the city.