• 12208 Lisborough Road, Bowie, MD 20720
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5 Bedroom |  3 Full Bath

Original owners selling this amazing 4-level split. Five true bedrooms, 3 full baths, kitchen renovated in 2014, new roof in 2012, hardwood floors thru out most of the home! Amazing storage, workshop off the 2-car garage. Still an opportunity to do some updates to your taste. Priced below market for this as-is estate sale. The family is heartbroken to sell this well cared for gem!

Read what the Seller Says:

Bowie, MD is a well-established community with a small town feel conveniently located near major crossroads to Washington D.C., Baltimore and Annapolis. It has all the amenities to include numerous schools, shopping, medical providers, outdoor activities and recreational offerings.

Holmehurst is a quiet subdivision built in the 1960’s with limited traffic. The residences have larger lots than newer communities. The community has a rural feel to it with deer and the occasional fox in the backyard where your children (and adults) can be seen chasing fireflies on a warm summer evening. It has a strong sense of family among the neighborhood. New arrivals are welcomed and folks genuinely like and interact with each other!

There are any number of restaurants within a few minutes drive. Grace’s Chinese, Panera, Texas Road House, Lido’s Pizza are all within several miles of the house. The list is too long to do it justice.

An upscale Safeway and numerous other shopping is approximately one mile to the East with a second, newer mall containing a number of restaurants, Target, Home Depot, Banking etc approximately two miles to the West. Both are on Route 450 which takes you from Route 50 through Bowie to Route 301.

Our parents bought the property for a number of reasons. The first and foremost was four level split design of the house. Secondly was the community itself with a rural feel surrounded by old growth trees and the size of the lots. Lastly was the ease of mobility to drive to DC, Bowie, Annapolis and Baltimore. As I stated before, Bowie was established at a crossroads that in present day mitigates long drives to get where you are going and multiple routes to reach your destination.

Some additional plusses to the community are the nearness of outdoor recreation – public pool/water park roughly two miles away located across from the Fire Department and EMS services on Rte 193. Numerous churches, parks and Six Flags are located within a few miles. Traffic is well managed through the road/highway infrastructure having been planned and created with expansion in mind. I can’t honestly remember “real” or daily traffic traffic jams in the area.

There is much to see and do; the arts, fairs, festivals, and community activities abound for all ages. Participation in everything from Boy and Girl Scout Troops to community theater, hobbies and educational opportunities are all within a ten minute drive from the house.

The Bowie area is a melting pot of all ages, cultures and interests. That being said, you can find just about any hobby you might like to try within a short drive from the house. Flying lessons are available at the local municipal airport located halfway between the house and downtown Bowie. The Bowie Community Center offers opportunities to join in plays, choral groups Et Al. North Bowie is known for its horse racing history and providers of riding lessons. When talking to friends and family in the area I was always learning of new opportunities to learn a new hobby in the area.

Utility costs at our residence were very reasonable. After purchasing the home in 1979 my parents had the home completely reinsulated to a very high “R-Factor”. The central air unit heats with fuel oil and easily heats/cools the home to the desired temperature. Additionally a “Blaze King” wood stove insert in the fireplace of the family room basically heated the majority of the house very efficiently, lowering the fuel oil usage significantly as compared to other homes.

The home is on septic. The Septic was last emptied an inspected in 2016 and a new septic pump installed in 2017. This realizes a substantial savings in utilities for not having to pay water disposal fees. Further, the septic tank and system will be viable for decades to come.

The roof was replaced in 2012, and an updated kitchen remodel was completed in 2014. BGE – Baltimore Gas & Electric is the utility provider. Price George County provides water, recycling and trash removal.